Sunday, 7 June 2009


Have a look at this picture of Henry VIII. People said he was handsome and athletic. What do you think?


  1. I think Henry isn't handsome. His face is ugly and fat.

    Julia Caro 3º8º

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  3. I think that this personage for what it(he,she) shows the image is fat and for nothing athletic. As for his(her,your) beauty I think that it(he) is not very smart

    walter lopez 3º 7ª

  4. I think he look fat because he use too much clothes.

    Lucía Browne 3°8ª

  5. In my opinion Henry wasn't handsome, he weared ridiculous clothes and he was cocky

    manuela paradela 3º 7ma

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  7. in my opinion he was very fat because he weared clothes for fat people

    felipe arrechea 3º8º

  8. i hate the video, is my opinion don remove it,,
    this post is for comments
    respect please

  9. I think that henry wasn´t handsome or athletic, he was fat and ugly.
    Helena Casaliba 3º 8º

  10. I don't like the video.In my opinion Henry wasn't handsome.He was ugly and very fat

    Lisandro Caram 3º8º

  11. Hi there. I think Henry was a LUCKY dude. He was married 6 times and just look at him, he´s fat and bold.. I dont get it. Well Bye

  12. I like the video but I don´t like the song, is horrible.
    My opinion about the wives is what they aren´t beautiful
    Henry do not last at all with his wives.
    They were with henry because he has a lot of money.
    Henry was really ugly.
    Facundo Muntz 3º7ª

  13. I like the video about the henry's wives, thats an incrible history!

    Pantaleón Brandoni 3°7°

  14. i like the video but i don't like the history .the music was very good
    Geronimo di Martino

  15. oh that an increile video, i like this and the song was beautiful!
    Magdalena De María

  16. I relly like the video, but I think the history is a bit tragic :s I loved the music, The Ramones are one of my favourties bands :D
    Juana Giusso Di Caro

  17. I like the video but Henry was ugly. I like the music and images.
    Rocio D`Addario

  18. the video is bored and the images is not acord with the music.
    Patrisio Giretti

  19. I like the video. is very interesting but is long.
    is for the wives. thats an incrible!!!

  20. In my opinion Henry VIII was so bad with his wives but so intelligent. He doesn´t care his wives, only the prestigious.
    I like the video but the images passing so fast! i don´t like so much the song
    I think Henry was so athletic

    Vera Casanovas 3º 7ma

  21. the video is good but i don`t like the music
    Agustin Avila Ruscitti 3o 7a

  22. for me this video was a bit entertaining, but do not understand anything beacause the video went too fast

    daniel sanabria 3º7ª

  23. The video is boring because it is not understanding anything besides passed all the text very quick and i could not one side is well because it is the cole and needs to be seen,they are not recommend it.

  24. I think Henry is fat and bald.
    Do not pull anything athletic, likes to eat more to run.
    The video does not like me going all too fast
    Augusto Gatica 3º 7ª

  25. He can not be athletic but can be handsome.
    May be the women like him but for me is a ugly fat person.
    And then video... in don`t like it. I prefer if you explain me in class.
    Rodrigo Salto 3º3ª


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